Bathroom Remodelling Ideas that Will Help Improve Accessibility

19 August 2019

If someone in your household has limited mobility, bathroom access and safety are major issues to be resolved to prevent falls and injuries. Other reasons for the need to enhance accessibility for your bath may include unsafe placement of a furnishing like the jutting corner of a marble vanity counter-top in close proximity to the door. Your bathroom entrance may have a prominent stone threshold that not only makes access very difficult for anyone in a wheelchair, but can result in trips and falls by youngsters, older people or anyone who may enter or exit the room quickly.  If these […]

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Make the Most of Small Spaces

05 August 2019

If you are planning to renovate a small bathroom in your home, there are various ways to achieve a stylish, pleasing interior update that makes the room seem larger and more open. Just because your bath is small in terms of its dimensions, there is no excuse for it to have dull, boring or outdated furnishings and decor. You can select new fixtures, flooring and wall coverings that give the room a more expansive look while complementing its major features, shape, and size. Remember that light, airy wall and flooring colours and counter-tops will brighten your small bathroom, and hanging […]

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How to Hire Expert Bathroom Renovators to Get the Exact Result You Are Looking For

16 July 2019

Before you can create solid plans for a bathroom remodel, you must hire the right renovators to perform it. Not only will these professionals be in your house a lot during the project, you need to ensure that the results are to your liking at the end of it. In order to know that you are hiring experts for your bathroom renovation, you must understand how to go about choosing them. For this reason, we offer the following tips to accomplish this in the information that follows. Ask for Referrals If you never have hired bathroom renovators before, ask your […]

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How Can a Renovated Bathroom Become an Instant Asset to Your Home?

12 July 2019

While certain house renovations do not add significant value to it, just the opposite holds true when you remodel a bathroom. It ranks second only to kitchens in its influence on a home’s overall value, especially when you decide to sell it. Not only is this room essential for grooming and other personal-care tasks, it also has turned into an oasis from the stress of everyday life today in many homes. You can add thousands of dollars to your home’s asking price when you remodel the bathroom correctly, and typically, you can recoup the money spent on the process if […]

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