How to Achieve a Luxury Bathroom Design on a Budget

13 April 2021

If you are planning a bathroom makeover in your home and want a stylish, luxury bath design, there are many ways to be creative while saving money. Even if you have a limited budget for your new bathroom interior design project, there are plenty of discounted products and materials available today. You can either select attractive and durable building materials and accessories that are offered at reduced prices, or you can combine some more pricey items with others that are cost-efficient. Just by adding your creative ideas for decor colours, textures and patterns, you can produce a stunning new bath […]

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Natured-Inspired Spa Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Large Bathrooms

26 March 2021

Nature-inspired spa bathroom updating ideas work especially well in large size bath interiors. To bring some of the grand beauty and allure of the natural outdoor world into your home’s interior, you need an open, uncluttered space. What better place and plan could there be than to include some nature-inspired features in your current bathroom renovations? Whether your favourite hues and tones tend toward warm, glowing earth colours, cool aquatic blues or vibrant forest greens, your bath interior is the ideal venue for auditioning them all. Innovative Ideas for Nature-Inspired Spa Bath Renovations for Your Large Bathroom Some creative and […]

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Bathroom Remodel and Renovation: Why a DIY Job is a Big “No”?

11 March 2021

If you are considering beginning a DIY project for bathroom remodelling or renovations in your home, your best bet is to rethink your plans. If you ask the best professional bath builders and renovators in your area whether this is a good idea, they will undoubtedly answer your question with a Big “No.” If you did not already know these experts and respect their top-rated work and outstanding reputation, you might be tempted to dispute this advice. Yet since you know and trust their opinion, it will be to your definite advantage to heed this warning. Major Mistakes Commonly Made […]

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Calm and Comfortable Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

25 February 2021

Design trends in bathroom design for 2021 include some highly appealing calm and comfortable decor and accessories. This season favours and features these two major qualities because they are necessary to today’s global lifestyles. Since most people are spending the majority of their time at home these days, comfortable room designs, furniture and accessories are a must. In addition, since both work and schooling is accomplished through virtual classrooms and communications, calm surroundings are also of utmost value. Featured Calm and Comfortable Bathroom Design Trends for 2021 As the professional designers and installers at New Life Bathrooms, the bath renovation […]

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Custom Bathroom Features that will Contribute to an Exceptional Bathroom Remodel

15 February 2021

You may have heard many home improvement contractors say that a home overhaul demands custom bathroom features. One of the primary explanations behind putting resources into a bathroom remodel is that it yields a normal return of 62%. Which means, if you burn through $10,000 on a bathroom redesign, the estimation of your home will probably increment by $6,200. This figure will be considerably higher for a bathroom with custom features. Custom Features For An Exceptional Bathroom Remodel Overhauling or reviving an old bathroom is as much about making a restoring, spa-like space as expanding the estimation of your home. […]

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