Important Things to Consider When Adding Another Bathroom to Your Home

24 August 2021

Adding another bathroom to your home is a major building and renovation project. Although this new addition will be a relatively small space compared to the larger rooms in your home, it may require important preliminary work. Unless your new bath will be located near an existing bathroom, kitchen or utility room, new water lines and pipes will most likely need to be installed. Concrete flooring may need to be added and covered with attractive marble, granite or porcelain floor tiles. New electrical lines may also be required for adequate lighting in your new bathroom. Important Aspects to Consider When […]

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Smart Bathroom Renovation Ideas Before Selling Your House

06 August 2021

If you are planning to sell your house, you may be thinking of making some improvements first. The right renovations can increase your home’s market value, which is always advantageous when preparing to sell a home property. By updating your home in ways that are attractive to buyers, you can also expect a greater number of buyers who have a strong interest in your house and property. By updating your bathroom with desirable fixtures and furnishings, you can count on attracting more buyers with high interest in purchasing your home. Smart Bathroom Updating Projects Before Selling Your House Some innovative […]

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Functional and Safe Bathroom Ideas for the Elderly

26 July 2021

Elderly people can benefit from bathroom features and accessories that are designed specifically for their use. Many of these items can be installed easily for use in home bathrooms as well as in living facilities for seniors. In households that include an elderly member of the family, everyone is familiar with these products that can enable seniors to perform personal care activities on their own without assistance. Functional and Safe Bathroom Ideas to Aid Elderly Individuals Practical, helpful and safe bathroom ideas to benefit and aid elderly people today include the following: • Non-Skid Floor Mats and Rugs. With non-skid […]

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Understand the Different Types of Showerhead and Choose which is Right for You

08 July 2021

There are many varied shower head designs on the consumer market today. These designs offer a wide variety of water pressure, spray patterns and aesthetic value for bathroom decor. From basic shower head styles to luxurious rain showers and filtered shower heads that lessen limescale and mineral deposit build-up, there is sure to be an ideal product to meet your preferences and needs. Different Popular Showerhead Styles for You to Examine Varied shower head designs that are currently popular for you to examine before making your choice include the following styles: Adjustable Shower Heads. These basic showerheads offer a simple […]

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5 Most Important Steps to a Successful Bathroom Renovation

25 June 2021

Bathroom renovations are major home remodelling projects. Every homeowner has their idea of the perfect bath makeover, and selecting the best design and decor are essential. Bathroom colour schemes are also important, especially since you want to please all of the members of your household. Unless you are renovating the children’s bath or one that is mainly used by the adults, you want to select colours that everyone likes. Of course, bright, vibrant hues are popular for kids’ bathroom decor. However, the adults in your home most likely favour slightly more subtle yet attractive, appealing colour variations and combinations. Five […]

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