5 Most Important Steps to a Successful Bathroom Renovation

25 June 2021

Bathroom renovations are major home remodelling projects. Every homeowner has their idea of the perfect bath makeover, and selecting the best design and decor are essential. Bathroom colour schemes are also important, especially since you want to please all of the members of your household. Unless you are renovating the children’s bath or one that is mainly used by the adults, you want to select colours that everyone likes. Of course, bright, vibrant hues are popular for kids’ bathroom decor. However, the adults in your home most likely favour slightly more subtle yet attractive, appealing colour variations and combinations. Five […]

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Renovate and Upgrade Your Bathroom

07 June 2021

There are many good reasons for renovating and upgrading your home bathroom. Since it is one of the busiest rooms in your household, it gets heavy use. Even though bathroom fixtures and decor are made of strong, durable materials, these items can start to look older and worn. Even marble and granite countertops may become chipped or start to show wear. Ceramic wall tiles may begin to chip and fade, and your shower tiling may already need new caulking. Even if your bath furnishings and accessories still look fairly new and undamaged, you may just want a new bath look. […]

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Understanding the Elements of a Monochromatic Bathroom Design

26 May 2021

Monochromatic bathroom decor is stylish, sophisticated yet simplistic in its use of colours, shades and accents. With a single hue as the dominant feature of the room’s sparse, but appealing colour scheme, your interior will offer a calm and quietly energising vitality. Devoid of any clutter and confusion, this interior space will display basic contemporary style to enhance your overall home decor. The first step in creating a monochromatic interior design for your bathroom is selecting one colour for the dynamic element of visual impact for your room. This should be a colour and shade that you are comfortable with. […]

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Attic Bathrooms: Is it Feasible?

12 May 2021

When homeowners feel the need to expand their living space, the basement is often the area that comes to mind first. Yet the attic is also a feasible space to consider. Since most people use their attics for storage, there is little to do before design plans and construction begin. The attic can easily be cleared of stored items within a day or two. The main reason that the attic is equally favourable to the basement for renovations is that the primary structural building is already in place. The more costly aspects of the building like exterior walls, supports and […]

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Complete your Bathroom Renovation with the Perfect Vanity (Know How to Choose the Right One)

29 April 2021

After finishing the major aspects of your home bathroom renovation, you can enjoy selecting your ideal vanity brand and design. This last yet major updating step will put the final touches of fashion and flair on your new bath interior. Take time to consider the overall style and character of the newly remodelled room as you consider different vanity designs and features. Yet remember that the vanity can introduce a different era or style to the major fashion statement of your updated room decor. You can have fun adding a touch of luxurious classical or playful boho style to this […]

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