Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Lighting

27 May 2022

It could appear to be a straightforward activity at first glance to light a restroom. But if you dig a little further, you’ll find that this multi-dimensional, multi-functional area frequently presents a difficulty for amateur interior designers and even DIYers who often grapple to strike that exact balance between bright and light, as well as peaceful and soothing. It is highly possible to feel completely overwhelmed by the vast number of options accessible to you now that there are more different kinds of bathroom lighting than ever before. You’re in luck because we’re here to guide you through the process […]

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Tips on How to Save Money on Your Next Bathroom Renovation

10 May 2022

You’ve heard that a bathroom remodel is the best remodelling project you can do. A new remodel gives an outdated bathroom a new look and offers you the highest return on investment at the time of resale. But reliable bathroom remodelling contractors are hard to come by, and materials like tile and tile installation are rising by the minute. In fact, experts estimate that a midrange bathroom remodel can cost as much as $25,000. What Can You Do? Well, if your bathroom is begging for an update, but you don’t have the money and you aren’t the world’s best handyman, […]

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How to Achieve a Unique Bohemian Style Bathroom

27 April 2022

Bohemian style interior design and decor are gaining high popularity in all areas of home makeovers today, including the bathroom. Having won high usage in the living room, den, home office and kitchen, this creative and appealing mode of design is now all the rage for bath renovations as well. By choosing to update with a bohemian style bath, you will bring bright, vibrant colours, varied textures and plenty of plants into your home. Essential Ways to Achieve a Unique and Appealing Boho Style Bathroom Some helpful advice from experts concerning ways to update your home with a unique, innovative […]

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Bright Ideas on How to Achieve the Best Design for a Small Bathroom Space

08 April 2022

Designing small bathrooms and toilet rooms isn’t easy. There are many things to consider – from storage solutions to flooring and space-saving sanitary ware. The many options can certainly be confusing, but hopefully, this article will show you how to design or add a few small decorating ideas to your small bathroom or toilet. Our expert design advice and tricks can give you an extraordinary bathroom that looks bigger than it truly is. So let’s get started! Look at the Bathroom Lighting When making changes to a small bathroom, one of the first things to consider is the lighting you […]

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How to Choose an Appealing Bathroom Vanity to Enhance Your Small Bathroom Space

28 March 2022

Small bathrooms are a challenge when it comes to renovation. Often, you only have room for a small vanity, toilet, shower, or tub. In this case, the vanity is the centrepiece, and choosing the right one can transform the space. Here are a few tips for selecting a vanity before your small bathroom update.   How Will It Be Used? This might seem like an obvious question, but people use their bathroom vanities differently. You need to consider how many people will be using it, and the types of things they will need. For instance, if you will be using […]

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